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Services Offered
  1. Pruning to ISA/ANSI
    Pruning to ISA/ANSI
    We practice proper pruning for your trees in order to encourage strong healthy growth and increase flower and fruit production. We prune to remove any dead, dying, diseased, crossing, and damaged branches.
  2. Tree Removal
    Tree Removal
    Tree removal should only be performed by an experienced professional. We are ISA Certified with 14 years of experience and specialize in technical rigging and dangerous removals.
  3. Tree Diagnosis
    Tree Diagnosis
    Trees in poor health look unappealing, and can also cause widespread damage if the disease spreads. We offer tree diagnosis to determine the cause of your trees’ health and appearance.
Elite Tree Experts in action!
  1. Pine removal
    Removal of a medium size pine over structure and service lines.
    Pine removal
  2. Storm Damage
    Removal of broken lead caused by the wind in a Siberian Elm.
    Storm Damage
  3. Rigging for Safety
    We lowered sections of this pine down on rope to avoid damaging the planter box.
    Rigging for Safety
  4. Close quarters poplar removal
    In order to lower the risk of damage to the customers property, this large poplar was taken down with care in chunks. We don't notch and watch them all!
    Close quarters poplar removal
  5. Incense Cedar in Tahoe
    Multiple lines were used to take this large incense cedar down over a pump house in Tahoe.
    Incense Cedar in Tahoe
  6. Elite Tree Experts
    Elite Tree Experts
  7. Recreational climbing
    Tree climbing isn't just a job for us. We love what we do and climb for fun too!
    Recreational climbing
  8. Black locusts
    Nice black locusts after some dead wood removal
    Black locusts